February 2024


Welcome to OneSystems Technologies – Newsletter of February 2024!

πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ We celebrated the Lunar New Year 2024 with a fantastic bang at Onesystems Technology. The festivities included great speeches from our Chairman Jason, and our CEO Eunice. Additionally, we warmly welcomed our new Business Director Tamir, to the OneSystems family.

🍊🧧 Our Chinese New Year celebrations were filled with lively activities, games, and delicious food, capturing the spirit of the season. As OneSystems, we want to extend our wishes for everyone to enjoy this festive season with their family and friends 🍊🧧.


OneSystems Technology

Beginning June 2024, a new mandate mandates the installation of Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) at worksites involving high-risk activities. This regulation marks a pivotal step towards bolstering construction site safety.

Why This Mandate Matters?Β 

Maximise Benefits with AI Based Camera IntegrationΒ 

Integrating AI based cameras into your construction site can elevate safety, productivity, and efficiency. These advanced solutions offer real-time insights and proactive measures for safer, more successful projects.

Remember to Use Video Surveillance Responsibly

While invaluable, video surveillance comes with challenges and risks. It’s crucial to use it responsibly, respecting workers’ rights and well-being.


OneSystems Product Solution

Unlock the Power of

AI Based Cameras for Enhanced SafetyΒ 

AI cameras, armed with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, are revolutionising construction safety.

Don’t wait any longer to prioritise safety and success on your construction projects. Let OneSystems be your most preferred and reliable partner in building safer, more secure construction sites.

Call us now to get a free assessment!Β 



Spreading Hope: A Heartwarming Journey with Ethan and Jason

In this month’s newsletter, we are delighted to share the heartwarming tale of Ethan and Jason, a father-son duo whose mission to provide clean drinking water to their friends in the highlands is nothing short of inspiring. Through the simple yet impactful idea of selling “HOPE” balloons, Ethan and Jason captivated their community, raising significant funds and spreading a message of compassion and solidarity.

Their journey reminds us all of the profound impact that kindness and generosity can have, serving as a powerful call to action to seek out opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. Join us as we celebrate Ethan and Jason’s extraordinary efforts and reflect on the power of hope to transform communities and uplift spirits.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of hope and inspiration, click here to know more about our CSR Project:

HOPE – The Stories of Hope (Β 

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