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Access Control Systems

One of the most widely used forms of security systems in major corporations is Access Control Systems. These electronic security systems provide innovative ways of identification and authorization in granting access to a facility or specific zones within the premises.

Access Control Systems provide one step forward in complete security from traditional mechanical keys which have flaws, limitations and are often lost. There is much more to incorporating Access Control Systems into your daily workflow than simply installing it. It includes:

Understanding your facility’s infrastructure
The systems and networks your company uses for communication
On-site support when most needed

OneSystems Technologies end-to-end solutions does this and so much more. OneSystems Technologies integrates biometric scanning to ensure the utmost protection of your facility’s personnel and data information.

Our cutting-edge Access Control Systems include:

Fingerprint Access
Facial Recognition
Card Access
Customized ID Code
Barcode ID
Fatigue Management
Time Attendance
Construction Management
On-site Visitor Management System for clocking in and out
All-access solutions can be paired with the following for achieving the maximum security you deserve: Visitor Management System, Time Attendance System, Carpark Barrier System, CCTV System, Smart Locking System, Mustering System

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